It’s healthcare’s turn to understand you.

We’re proud to say Privia doctors are some of the country’s top primary care physicians and specialists. But when it comes to understanding your unique symptoms and medical history, there’s really no one with more expertise than you. Our personalized, proactive approach to medicine focuses on preventing illness, and keeping you healthy.

Value-Based Healthcare

What you can expect:

A Personalized Wellness Plan

Your doctor and wellness team will help you develop a plan to improve your clinical care, nutrition, exercise regimen, and emotional health.

Unhurried Appointments

Privia doctors are focused on taking their time with patients to listen, learn, and fully address your symptoms and overall wellness goals.

Active Support Teams

Expert wellness advisors and care teams are available to help you successfully manage your health between appointments.

Real-Time Monitoring

Our care team is invested in your overall health. We track your health progress and proactively touch base with you about routine checkups, or alert you to any potentially serious issues.

91 % 91% of patients ranked Privia Medical Group as "Great" in a 2015 patient survey.
98 % We received a 98% MSSP quality score in 2015.
Pediatric Endocrinology of North Texas | Plano, TX

We’ve designed our entire system – from the way you find your physicians, to the way they access your records, to the way we follow up on your care – to make sure we always see the person behind the patient.


“I used to feel like just a number when I saw doctors. With Privia, it’s much more personal. Now, my doctor even reaches out proactively to check in with me.”

Doug F., Privia Patient Since 2010
Privia Is For Doctors

Learn how Privia’s physician-led medical group helps you maintain practice autonomy and practice medicine the way you’ve always wanted.

Privia Medical Group
Derek Johnson, M.D. | Fairfax Allergy, Asthma & Sinus Clinic