Privia Is Exceptional

The key to better patient treatment lies simply in treating your patients better.

Outstanding care leads to better outcomes, and for that you need exceptional doctors. Our patient-focused model attracts the nation’s top doctors, because what the best doctors want most, is the ability to do what’s best for their patients.

Patient-Centered & Value-Based Care

What you can expect:

The Best Doctors

Physicians join Privia by invite-only, and must demonstrate exceptional experience, a deep commitment to patient-centric care and meet our rigorous quality requirements.

Highest Standards

Our carefully selected physicians agree to meet an incredibly high standard of care that is both proactive and wellness-focused.

Proactive Treatment

The goal of our "valued-based" approach is to successfully treat your symptoms while measurably improving your long-term health.

A Holistic Approach

Our tailored wellness plans let our doctors and patients put the pieces together, and address the root causes of systemic health problems.

57 % of Privia doctors attended U.S. News Top Medical Schools
1,600 + Our network has grown to include over 1,600 physicians nationwide
Patient-Centered Care

When you see a Privia doctor — across the country, and across specialities — that doctor will strive to understand not only what you’re experiencing that day, but how what you’re experiencing connects to your entire medical history.

“I can’t emphasize enough how important preventative health is. Most patients don’t have access to all the health and wellness benefits that are available through Privia.”

John Valenti, M.D., Privia Doctor
Privia Is For Doctors

Become part of a high-performing network that has the combined experience, skill, and commitment to succeed in value-based medicine.

Privia Medical Group
Dr. Suzanne H. Wittig, M.D. | Pulmonary and Medical Associates of Northern Virginia