Your relationship with your doctor improves when you’re at your healthiest.

We’re focused on showing you healthy results, not just scheduling more appointments around your illness. We make it easy for you to develop a genuine partnership with your Privia physician.

Population Health Management Solutions
Christine H. Lee, M.D. | Lorton Station Family Medicine

Our promise to you:

Top Doctors
A Team Approach

We provide our doctor/patient teams with plenty of time during — and between — appointments to discuss questions, concerns and care plans.

Easy-to-Use Tools

We use technology, like virtual visits, to improve — not replace— our personal connections, and to deliver care and support outside the doctor’s office.

Support Between Appointments

Our health advisors and care teams help you where the crucial work of managing your health really happens – in your everyday life.


It’s amazing how much easier a journey can be when you find someone to travel it with you — and making sure, when it comes to health care, no one has to go it alone, might be one of the best ways to describe our mission at Privia.

National Multi-Specialty Medical Practice

“Everyone at [the Paul A. Tudder, MD office] is so kind! Dr. Silva takes her time and never rushes, she stays with you until every question is answered. I feel really cared for by the entire staff.”

- Patient of Dr. Anita Silva