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When they start limiting the times of day you can get sick, we’ll start limiting the times of day you can reach us.

We all know coming down with an illness is completely unpredictable. Our solution is to make sure your medical care isn’t limited to standard business hours: We give our patients access to care in and outside of the doctor’s office, 24 hours a day, seven days a week.

Whether you need to call in for guidance from our nurses on Privia’s Care Advice Line, arrange for a telehealth visit, or get into your doctor’s office on the same day, Privia patients get the access they need no matter what health issue comes up.

Medical Practice Management

What you can expect:

Extended Office Hours

Our doctors set their own office hours based on patient needs. We also have partnerships with Urgent Care facilities to help patients see a Privia approved provider around the clock.

Convenient Locations

We've grown our network of Care Center providers to more than 1,600 doctors and 500 locations in the past three years.

24-hour Accessibility

When you need us, arrange for a telehealth visit or speak to one of our Nurse Practitioners over the phone. We even have dedicated Privia providers who will meet you in the hospital if you are admitted unexpectedly.

Your Information On Demand

Message your doctor, make an appointment, request a prescription refill, or review your records any time, day or night, through our online patient portal.

$ 20 MM Privia has invested more than $20 million in accessible technology
98 % Privia’s 2015 MSSP Quality Score proving high success in treating patients through coordinated care and providing an overall better patient experience
Privia Medical Group

We believe in giving doctors the time and tools they need to build the healthy relationships that result in the healthiest patients.

“The convenience of being able to contact your physician via email, and being able to see your physician on a same day or next day basis — that’s very important to my patients.”

John Valenti, MD, Privia Doctor
privia is for doctors

See how our teams of Privia health advisors support physicians as they work to improve not only symptoms, but also overall patient wellness.

Medical Practice Management System