privia is for doctors

Improve the health of both your patients and your practice.

Privia puts independent physicians back in the driver’s seat of their profession. To do this, we built a national high-performance multi-specialty group and clinically integrated provider network, supported by advanced technology, team-based care, and unique wellness programs to help leading doctors better manage the health of their populations.

Our doctors are independent, but have the support they need to manage the complexities of healthcare and succeed.

High-Performance Physician Group
97 % of all providers who have joined Privia have experienced revenue growth
99.9 % of providers have continued with Privia year after year
98 % Our doctors generated 98% Quality Score (MSSP 2016 Results)
100 % of physicians are independent in Privia Medical Group

Value-based success

As a Privia doctor you’ll have access to all the tools you need to succeed in value-based medicine, including sophisticated analytics software to track patient performance, a secure online patient portal and electronic medical record system, and proven quality reporting systems.

Physician autonomy

Unlike other integrated delivery or managed care systems, we’re not interested in dictating how you practice medicine. Our physicians remain independent, and continue to own and manage their own practices.

Financial rewards

Based on our network’s history of improved patient outcomes, we’re able to enter into better agreements with the major healthcare payers. This, combined with our nine cost-reducing strategies, is why 97% of all providers who have joined Privia have experienced revenue growth.

Focus on medicine

Our mission is to help physicians focus on what truly matters: their patients. We remove administrative headaches, take clerical work off the physician’s shoulders and provide technology that enhances the healthcare experience, allowing you to focus on the diagnosis, treatment, and follow-up plans. We believe that physicians need the opportunity to go back to being doctors.

Better patient support

Patients deserve care that doesn’t end when they leave your office. Privia employs advanced technology, care coordination programs and expert staff – including nurse care managers, dieticians, fitness trainers, pharmacists, mental health counselors and others – that work with you to proactively support and improve the health and wellness of your patients.

Exclusive physician network

When you join Privia, you’ll become a part of a care delivery system that is purpose built so that you can succeed in value-based care. Our physician-centric approach provides the complicated but essential clinical integration, the tools for physicians to practice at the top of their license and opportunity to work with other top-performing physicians.

privia is for doctors

Explore Your Opportunities

We know the best providers strive to make their patients feel informed, understood, and supported — and you’ll find we hold ourselves to the exact same standards.

We want to help you make an informed decision that feels right for you and your practice. We do a deep analysis of your practice and goals to make sure that joining Privia is the best option for you. Let’s start the conversation.

privia is growing

Over 1,600 physicians,

Caring for more than 4 million patients,

In 500+locations, and growing.