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We’re a group of physicians who believe we can fundamentally improve how healthcare is delivered here in New York. We formed a physician-led medical group because we feel putting doctors back in control of healthcare delivery will lead to better care for our patients and more value for our practices. As members of this group, we’re able to spend more time with patients, get better economic arrangements, and practice medicine the way we choose.

Privia Tailored to You Autonomous Practices

Ensuring you can practice medicine the way you choose, while being protected by something larger.

Healthier Patients

Enabling you to spend more time giving quality care to patients, not filling out forms.

Financial Success

Providing access to resources that help your practice perform better economically, now and in the future.

Value-Based Care

Helping you improve care, reduce costs, and get rewarded for the value you create.

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If you've got two minutes, check out this video. You'll hear how we're putting physician's back in the driver's seat and bringing more value to our patients and practices.

Privia Medical Group – New York Leadership

Eric Beyer President, Privia Medical Group – New York

Eric brings more than 30 years of healthcare leadership experience, including extensive work with physician practices and physician-led businesses. Twice in his career, Eric was instrumental in the growth and success of large physician-led enterprises (Partners Community Healthcare, Inc. and the New England Quality Care Alliance). Eric also served as the CEO of the Tufts Medical Center Physician Organization and later as the CEO of both the Tufts Medical Center and the Floating Hospital for Children.

Eric joined Privia Health in February 2016 to lead efforts in New York. Prior to joining Privia, Eric founded the APEX Healthcare Group, a healthcare advisory and management firm focused on healthcare providers, services companies and investors.


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