We believe in keeping healthcare localized.

Our mission is to disrupt and transform healthcare from a “sick care” system to one that enables doctors and their teams to focus on keeping people healthy, improving outcomes, and delivering high-value care.

Our physicians serve more than four million patients. We deploy advanced technologies, a team-based approach, and a world-class service experience to better manage the health of the populations we serve.

97 % of all providers who have joined Privia Medical Group experienced revenue growth
30 Privia was listed as Top 30 Leading U.S. Medical Groups
78 K Privia ranked as one of top performers in key financial and operational indicators against 78,000 providers examined
3 % Major payers have noted Privia physician’s total medical cost of care is 3% lower than market

“The ability to step into medicine today with partners who want to make it better is reason to get out of bed and reason to go to work.”

Jim Sams, MD, CEO, Privia Medical Group – Georgia

“My practice level, which I thought was really great before, is now on a new level, really! It’s much more performance oriented. I’m actually doing better than I was…financially and more pleasure out of the practice.”

Bill Condrell, MD, Washington, D.C.

“The Privia system enabled me basically to say, I can continue to provide the same level of care to this larger number of patients if I can have this outside help to do lots of non-clinical stuff that I in the past had been wasting a lot of time doing.”

Alan Pocinki, MD, Rockville, MD

“Privia has found fast success in the Gulf Coast because we are a physician-led group with a depth in healthcare expertise that I believe is unequal in the country. Together, we are making a real difference.”

Keith Fernandez, MD, Houston, TX